One Leaf RIdes The Wind
Written by Celeste Davidson Mannis
Illustrated by Susan Kathleen Hartung
Viking 2002
ISBN 0-670-03525-4 • 32 pages

A young girl makes her way slowly through a Japanese garden where she spots one leaf, two carved temple dogs, three miniature bonsai, and four startled birds. This counting book introduces the youngest readers to the beauty and hidden secrets of a Japanese garden. It also introduces haiku, with ten poems that are simple and straightforward. The rhythmic haiku appear in a context that will make perfect sense to young readers. Each page contains additional information about the scene shown, and with lush illustrations, the loveliness of the garden can't be ignored. This is a picture book that works on many levels.

“Little birds and a saucy cat accompany the girl through gently tinted, sweetly stylized paintings. The last spread shows the entire garden, revealing the girl's progression through it....Hartung's (paintings) combine areas of finer draftsmanship with simple washes; in the artist's hands,
the landscape becomes a series of meditative images.”
* Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“...a lyrical counting book with arresting illustrations....Hartung's delicate illustrations with varying perspectives effectively complement the haiku and add touches of visual humor throughout. Just as each element of a Japanese garden contributes to a calming, satisfying whole, the elements of this work-poetry, subtly integrated additional text, illustration, design, and even the endpapers –all meld together into a lovely whole that both entertains as successful poetry and educates as an introduction to
several aspects of ancient Japanese culture.”
* Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“The book as a whole is elegantly and respectfully presented and the counting aspect is especially well crafted, capturing the meandering focus of a small child. Mannis's simple verses are complemented by Hartung's
pleasing and evocative (paintings).”
– School Library Journal
Awards & Honors

• IRA Children’s Book Award
• Parents Choice Silver Honor Medal
• Junior Library Guild Selection
• Mazza Museum permanent collection
One Leaf RIdes The Wind
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